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 _All children from 12 months to 12 years old

 Hours of operation:

 _Open Monday to Friday 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM

_ Child must be picked up on or before 6:00 PM, or a late fee of $1.00 for every minute after 6:00 PM will be charged, late fees are due when the child is picked up.

_ In case of emergency, Please call and arrangements will be made to ensure that your child is taken care of until you arrive (Late fees will be applied).

 Snow & weather critical days:

 _We will close if Davidson county schools are closed.


 _ New Year’sEve& New year'sDay     2 day       Labor Day                                  1 day

_ Good Friday             1 day                            Thanksgiving& the day after        2 days

_ Memorial Day           1 day                            Christmas Eve& Christmas day    2 days

_ Independence Day     1 day 

 If the holidays fall on the weekend, the center will be closed either on the prior Friday or the following Monday, Notice will be given to parents.

 ** Please note there are no discounts or waives in tuition fee for holidays or snow days**

 Arrivals and Departures Procedure

 _Upon arriving and leaving each day, please make sure to first sign your child IN/OUT.

   Under your child’s name, write the time of arrival and sign your name, the same procedure is to be followed in the afternoon.

_ Child will be released to authorized persons only, Staff may ask for your ID.

_ Child must be accompanied by a parent or teacher at all times while on Little Bamboo Daycare property.

_Always inform the teacher in charge that you are leaving or picking up your child.

_Before leaving in the afternoon, be sure to check your child’s folder for papers and art work.

_We will not release a child to any person who appears to be impaired by alcohol, drugs or any other substance. Alternate transportation will be arranged.

 Vehicle and safety:

 _ please drive with extreme caution when arriving in the center parking lot. Parents and children may be around.

_ Parents are asked to park their vehicle, turn off the engine, and walk with the child to the building, never leave any children unattended in the vehicle, they are welcome to come in but need to stay with you.


 _ Children should be dressed in clothing comfortable for playing. We will participate in Art& outside play, please send your child in daycare appropriate clothing.

_ Child should not wear sandals, flip flops, cowboy boots…Tennis shoes are highly recommended, they provide better protection for feet when running and jumping.

_ Clothing should be appropriate for the weather. 

Personal belongings:

 _Each child needs a complete change of clothing including underwear and socks.

_ Blanket and comfort items are encouraged.

_If child is potty training, please send extra clothing.

_ please leave all your child toys, purses, etc... At home, these items may only be brought to class at designated “share day”.

Everything must be labeled with your child name.


 _ Parents should bring a crib sheet and blanket, all linens will be send home to be washed every week.

_Each toddler child needs 4-5 bibs each day, items will be sent home each day.

_ Rest mats will be provided for all toddlers and pre-schoolers. Parents must bring sheet and blanket; these items will be sent home every week to be cleaned

 Health practices:

 _Each child will be checked upon arrival, and observed for signs of illness during the day.

_If a child is running fever, has diarrhea, vomiting, or any infectious rash. They need to stay home.

_During the day, any child with the following symptoms:

   .Fever above 100 degrees F

   . Respiratory symptoms (Difficult or rapid breathing or serve cough)

   . Three incidents of loose stool in a day or blood in the stool. Especially with other symptoms (such as vomiting or fever)

   . Eye drainage

   . Unexplained rash (red or purple rash, welts that appear quickly, open sores) and burns.

. Appearance/ Behavior (child acts or looks different than usual, unusually tired, lacks appetite, confused, difficult to awaken, change in color skin, eyes, stool or urine)

   .Obvious, severe pain

 Child will be separated from the group, parents will be contacted and expected to pick up the child as soon as possible.

Please use the following guidelines to determine when your child may return to the center

Fever ……………….. 24 hours free of fever without medication

Diarrhea ……………. 24 hours free of Diarrhea without medication

Vomiting ……………. 24 hours free of Vomiting without medication

Chicken Pox ………... 7 days after onset of rash or when all lesions

                                       Have crusted over.

Pink eye ……………..When child has been under treatment for 24 hrs

Impetigo …………….. 48 hours after beginning therapy

Measles ……………… 4 days after onset of rash

Mumps ……………… 9 days after swelling is gone

Strep …………………24 hours after starting antibiotics


We reserve the right to request a written doctor’s report when question of a contagious disease exists. Also, no provision can be made for a parent requesting a child’s restraint from outside play.


Colds & Flu:

 Colds & Flu are common illness of children, we will take high measures to keep the children healthy, for that purpose any child constantly has a runny nose, persistent cough, green mucus, we will require the child to be taken home. We reserve the right to request a written doctor’s report.

 Lice/ Scabies

 At Little Bamboo Daycare, we want to make sure that the environment is clear of Lice/Scabies. Therefore, we will visually check every child on the 1st day they enroll, or when we suspect a child may have Lice/Scabies. If the child does have Lice/Scabies, they can not stay in the center.

Parent must pick up immediately and only can return with the doctor statement saying that the kid is Lice-free or Scabies free, not contagious to other kids.


 _Except under the direction of a physician or a parent’s written authorization, childcare staff will not administer prescribed and non-prescribed, internal and/or external medication.

_All medication should be labeled with child’s name, and medication form should be filled out for administering, personally hand to the teacher in charge at time of your child’s arrival.

 Accident Reports:

 Safety is very important to us here at Little Bamboo Daycare!

 In case the child had an accident or an incident between your child and another child, our teacher will complete a report of what happened and the nature of the injuries. If any first aid is administered, the treatment will be described to you. A copy detailing this accident will be provided to you to sign and return to the director for confirmation of your child’s injury.

 Medical Emergencies:

 _ Injuries more than a minor nature shall be reported immediately to the parents. If it is impossible to reach either parent and should emergency treatment be required, the child will be taken to the nearest hospital. Your authorization to contact your family physician and to take whatever emergency medical measures are necessary is part of the emergency release form.

 Food Service:

 _ Breakfast, lunch and snacks will be provided for all children enrolled at center.

_ Meal times are as follow:

   . Breakfast            9:15 AM

   . Lunch                 11:15 PM

   . Snack                  3:00 PM

_Your child must be present at school by 9:10 for breakfast and 11:15 for lunch. If you are unable to make these times, please feed your child prior to arrival.

_You are welcome to supply your own foods for your child.

_ please inform the director if your child has any food allergies. You will be asked to complete a form listing all such allergies and treatment for them in case of accidental exposure. These forms will be posted in a conspicuous and relevant place to assure that all staff members are aware of the allergy.


 _ Registration fee is $75/ child at enrollment, this fee is non-refundable and will secure  your child’s slot in center for 1 week.

_ Security deposit of $150, will be returned to parent upon a legal withdrawal (please see withdrawal policy).

_ Tuition fee is collected in advance; Payment is due on Monday of current week. A late fee of $25 will be added if payment is not received by Monday at 6:00 PM. If fees become more than 3 days past due, your child will be unable to continue at center.

_ Returned check fee of $30 for any returned check, after the second returned check, all payments must be in cash or money order.


For any reason (Vacation, Sickness, Holidays, Snow days…) whether your child is at center or not, we still have the same expenses to meet. In order to keep the space for your child, we must still charge you for anytime is your child is away, the full tuition fee is still required for this time.

With the exception of extended illness and requiring more than a week of absence, upon physician’s letter stating the dates child can not attend the center, from the 2nd following week, parent can arrange to have 50% reduction in tuition fee. Child must not attend the center at this time.


Thank you for giving us the opportunity to care for your unique treasure.